Watch the amazing trailer ‘Southside With You’ of the Obama’s First Date! [VIDEO]

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If you have ever wanted to go on a date with President Obama now is your chance. Now is your chance to watch him date our current First Lady Michelle Obama!

The preview for the movie is everything! Michelle Obama will be played by the beautiful Tika Sumpter and from the preview she is nailing this attitude. Parker Sawyer is playing the role of our future 44th President. He has no problem getting the mannerism of Barack Obama and it just makes me smile!

These eyebrows tho….. Girl!

Michelle was not playing no games with Barack! This won’t be easy I’m loving it! John Legend is the executive producer which I am shocked! I didn’t know Mr. Legend was doing movies now! Go head now!

‘Southside With You’ is set to hit theatres August 19th! 6 days after my birthday! Who taking me to see this?


How do we feel about this movie? Are we feeling all warm in the inside?