What is Good Hair?

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Early this afternoon I ran across this following tweet and it made me happy that someone actually gets it. It sparked a conversation on what is good hair and who makes the decision on what is good or bad hair?

I grew up in Memphis and I often heard my own family members refer to certain types of hair as better than others. Particularly curly & straight hair.

Hearing this over and over again when I was a child put thoughts in my head. These thoughts certainly made me believe that not all features on blacks were beautiful. Sad I know. Even though my mother was a beautiful chocolate skin tone woman I still thought like this. In high school, I also heard my peers refer to certain girls as ‘nappy headed’ if their hair wasn’t a certain texture.

This inspired me to do a video on it to get some feedback on what is the definition of ‘good hair’.



Are you one of those who think that kinky hair is not good hair?