What the Hell is Gina Doing? THIS AINT GINA BIHH! [VIDEO]

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If you need something to laugh and bop to right now take a look at Tisha Campbell’s new video ‘Lazy Bishh!’ Baby, she is poochin’ around getting in this video and I am screaming! YOU OUTTA ORDER!

Yasss Gina! This song even got my momma bopping when she starts getting the kids ready for school and they start cutting up! The last video she did we clowned the shit out of her! I’m guessing she said she was going go harder this time.

The beat is sickening and I’m a little bit here for the video effect as far as how it started out. Take a look at Gina Tisha Campbell telling y’all what it really is!




Y’all better respect a queen when you see one bitch! I’m here for it and I’m ready for the full version of the song Tisha! What’s good? We gone stay tuned but we can’t promise that it will be getting that much radio play. BLOOP! We gone see though Gina!


Is we outta order or is Tisha Campbell out of order for these sleepy ass bars?