Who Did It?! Tidal Releases Rihanna’s Album For 4 Seconds

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What in the hell is going on at Tidal? Somebody getting FIRED! HEY! HEY! HEY!

Well, we don’t know for sure just yet but Tidal released ‘Anti’ for a quick second and then took it back down.

Fans on twitter who were able to download the ‘Anti’ before it was taken back down posted 30-second snippets on twitter.

This is the alleged tracklist for ‘Anti’
1. Consideration
2. James Joint
3. Kiss It Better
4. Work
5. Desperado
6. Woo
7. Needed Me
8. Yeah, I Said It
9. Same Ol’ Mistakes
10. Never Ending
11. Love on the Brain
12. Higher
13. Close to You

I wouldn’t be surprised if it were leaked to create some buzz because the single ‘Work‘ dropped this morning might as well clock out.

Well some people thought it was funny.

Welp Beyoncé didn’t experience this at Apple music. I’m just saying. And her album was widely ANTIcipated.



Do you think it was for publicity or Tidal isn’t ready to be taken serious just yet?