Who Gets a Plate First? Children or your Husband? Ladies?

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With Thanksgiving coming soon! Not only have Struggle Plates been on my mind, but who gets fed first? Do you fix your husband a plate first or do you fix your children’s plate first?




imageI would think you feed your kids first considering they might not be able to just yet. On the other hand, your husband might be the primary source of income in the household. The husband might need to be fed first so he can have the energy to be able to make money to support the household. Although, at the same time, children are growing and need all the nourishment they can get. Now, I don’t have a man and I don’t know who should eat first. You all need to help me.

Also, what do you do when Ebony to fixes your husband a plate while you were in the restroom? So many questions! I need answers!

Can a man fix his on plate? Personally I wouldn’t if he is expecting it, but I don’t have a man lol.

Do we keep it old shool and pooch to the kitchen and fix your man a plate or do you say he can get his on?


Ladies who do you feed first? Be HONEST and help JustinJ out…