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Why is the 1% So White? Chescaleigh Breaks it Down! Must Watch! [VIDEO]

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Chile if you’re me and ever wondered “Why in the hell is it so hard for a black person to make it?” you need to watch this video. After hearing Beyoncé say “Black Bill Gates in the making” I was slightly confused on why it couldn’t be the opposite. It’s almost sad that we have to set a white man as the standard for wealth. Why can’t he or she just be a rich man or woman?

Chesecaleigh explains why it is so hard for people of color to amass wealth. Warning you might want to check your privilege at the door if you have some.

I don’t know if you’re moved but I am. When she broke it down to how property taxes pay a huge part in the wealth gap. If you live in a neighborhood that the average house is only worth 50k then your taxes are nowhere near a neighborhood of which houses are valued at 300k on up!

Chescaleigh broke it down so good that I cried a little bit. There were sometimes where I just wondered why my parents didn’t make sure they were wealthy before having me. Like just what is our point? It’s no wonder we’re not as suicidal as our counterparts with all of the odds against us.

Conversations like this are needed and as much as some might be mad to hear it, it’s the truth and the receipts were provided. I can’t pull myself up by the boot strings if I’ve never owned a pair of boots.


How did the video make you feel? Was this something you’ve already known?