Will It Ever Stop? BlackFace, Nooses and Halloween

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Every year around this time I dread opening up my social media apps. The same old same old. Halloween is upon us and this seems to be a racist white person’s favorite holiday.

This weekend all over social media you can see racist costumes.  In one picture you can see one of our first black president face tied with a noose around his neck at a University of Wisconsin game surrounded by white people. No one stopped them and told them that they couldn’t do it. They just sat there.

Not security, not anyone in the crowd. Not for some time until  their point was made. When tweeted about it University of Wisconsin twitter handle responded that it was freedom of speech. Yep. The same freedom that Kaepernick has to not stand for the national anthem. That’s another story, though.

Later the deplorable fans were asked to leave. Why is acceptable for things like this take place and no one says anything about it? Because they don’t care. No matter how many black football players are on the team helping the Wisconsin Badgers win games means nothing to them. And this is the sh*t I’m sick of.


Go back earlier last week and you get the beginning of blackface costumes pop up. A University of Central Arkansas student was expelled for wearing blackface to a Halloween party. Well to his defense he was dressed up as Bill Cosby.img_5863

The student Brock Denton said he was scared for his life after receiving death threats. Denton thought he was photo wouldn’t get out too much since it was posted to his Instagram account titled “It was a bold night.”

“This picture is highly offensive and repugnant, and this representation goes against all we, at UCA, believe in and stands for,” university President Tom Courtway said in a statement.screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-12-32-03-pm

I could go on post more stories from across the USA about all of the racist costumes but I don’t have enough time or space to put it all out. What do we do? How can we stop it? Honestly, I don’t think we can. Of course, we should call those of who do this out and expose blatant racism. Even after all of this next year, it will be the same thing just a different time.

The more I see ignorance the more rebellious I and others become. To the white people who continue to do dumb shit like this just hope and pray that you don’t run into an individual who isn’t interested in screenshotting but interested in cracking your blackface.



Do you think BlackFace will ever stop being worn for Halloween? What  would you do if you ran into someone wearing racist costumes out in public?