Windell Pierce Gets Arrested! Says Bernie Sanders Supporters Came at Him for Supporting Hillary Clinton

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Windell Pierce if you even know who that is got into an alleged altercation with some Bernie Sanders supporters and things got heated.

The police report states that Pierce and his girlfriend met a woman named Maggie Baca and two of her friends in the hotel when “both groups of parties began a conversation about politics which got Mr. Pierce upset.”
“Mrs. Baca stated that Mr. Pierce began to push her and at this point her and her friends began to walk to their room,” the report said. “Mrs. Baca stated that Mr. Pierce followed them to their room and stuck his arm in the door and tried to enter the room.” via CNN

Pierce, you just recently starred in the HBO Film ‘Confirmation’ playing Clarence Thomas now you getting into altercations with white women? Lawd have mercy. How does a conversation about politics push people to be so upset?

Bernie Sanders supporters got tired of tweeting their disgust for Hillary Clinton and took it to the streets like Momma Joyce.

Pierce was charged with simple battery and was released on the same day he was booked. Pierce said he wasn’t taking this incident lying down and took to twitter to give him comments. Not that anyone cared…

Alright, Windell Pierce  lets be careful around these white ladies.



What you think really happened? I don’t believe a conversation lead into something this bad.