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With This Ring | Love & Hip Hop Hollywood S2 Finale

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood finally comes to an end on episode 12. Moniece wants to purchase Rich Pennies Dollaz a ring with black diamonds, but her child support payments are in the red.


imageNikki Mudarris spills the tea and tells Rich Pennies that Moniece did a video shoot with Lil Fizz. Not only did Nikki tell him that she also spilled the tea about Moniece trying to get back with her baby daddy. Nikki, you were wrong for that walking around with Micheal Jackson’s nose and spilling all that tea. Lil Fizz was pathetic for even giving Nikki that information. Moniece confronts Nikki about the situation and I thought she was about to snatch her wig and plastic hips.

Ray J and Princess try to work it out for the 50th 11th time and we are all over it at this point. Ray J buys Princess a house, but she said she wants it in her name to know that it’s real. I don’t blame you Princess, you can only play the fool for so long.

Miles invites Milan Christopher to meet his family and they wanna know why he always naked and searching for validation basically. Milan claims it’s a double standard that he can’t be naked. Milan, you exhibit hoe like behavior so they have every right to question you.

For this to be a season finale it wasn’t very moving and left us sleepy. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood could just end her tbh after this lackluster season, but I digress.


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