Woman Built Like Tonka Truck Protests Target with Screams & a Bible, Then Runs Out of Breath

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Target announced that their transgender employees and customers can use the bathroom that best suits their gender identity. Certain individuals have been pressed and bent out of shape even if their shape is bad from the start.

A mother protested Target’s bathroom policy in the form of walking around with her children shouting. As she waved her bible and ran out of breath with her garage sale moondress. The woman is unidentified so we will refer to her as Ms. Doubtfire.

Ms. Doubtfire first mistake was this moondress color. I call it a moondress because no one in their right mind would wear that in the sun. No one would even want to see that in the daytime. As she shouts and scares her children saying things like “Are you going to let the devil rape our children.” Why do people think that we in the LGBTQ community are interesting in touching their children? I’m gay not a pedophile.

Not everyone is Christian. America is supposed to be a melting pot and a country built on different ethnicities. I can practice Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Jadahism correct? So why do certain religious people in the US feel the need to put their religious viewes on everyone else?

Ms. Doubtfire blood pressure is over 160 and BMI is off the charts. You’re worried about the wrong thing ma’am. I’m guessing you had more guts than your husband because he waited till he got close to the door to start shouting. Pathetic.

I guess you’re headed home to your gender neutral bathroom. That you share with your children and I’m assuming cousin/husband.


Do you think this woman had a point or does she need to catch the spring sale at Lane Bryant fashion for some new looks?