Won’t He Do It! College Student Surprises Grandparents by Paying Off Their Mortgage!

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Stefun Darts from Houston, Texas promised his grandparents in the second grade that he would pay off their house while still trying to learn how to tie his shoes! The two grandparents were surprised by their grandson with a check to the pay off the remainder of their mortgage.  Cecil & Marilyn Roberts can spend a little extra change next month! The married couple had 4 more years left to pay off their mortgage.

Tears flowed from her eyes as her grandson not only paid off their mortgage but he also paid for a trip for them to go the Bahamas. Christmas & Grandparents day combined!! Let me hold $5, Mrs. Roberts!

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Full-time college student and works a full-time job! Chile I need to see if he can help me pay off some of my bills! I got some gray hairs in my beard Stefun! He is doing all this while maintaining two non-profits and working! Is this what y’all do in Texas? Let me go ahead and move then. Darts said he loves making people happy and to make his grandparents live a little stress-free from bills makes him happy.

“He’s a very special kid and I just love having him in my life,” said Cecil Roberts. Darts is an inspiration to me and just gave me the energy to keep on working harder! I remember I promised my mother millions of dollars when I was middle school. Every time she would do something to make me upset I would deduct a million away lol.


Have you made any promises to your parents or grandparents?