WTF! Arkansas Judge Resigns, Accused of Preying on Young Men!

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What a time to be alive. I wonder if a bathroom bill could save these young men.

An Arkansas judge is being accused of reducing sentences for young men if they posed for him nude.

Chile they say this freaky ass judge asked a man to strike a Michelangelo pose for a couple of hundred dollars! Judge Joseph Boeckmann, Jr. out her giving payday loan amounts for naked pictures of men! Does he not know they post them all day on Instagram on Tumblr for free?

Dozens of victims have come for claiming that they have endured the same thing. Boeckmann has, of course, denied all charges but the commission are still going forward.

In a letter sent to Boeckmann’s lawyer last week, the commission claimed it had already obtained about 1,050 photos from the judge’s computer that “depict young men, many naked who are in various poses inside the judge’s home and outside in his yard.”- Washington Post

Judge they already got a thousand photos! Lawd have mercy! Catch these teas, though. The commission filed complaints back in November 6 months later this man was still on the bench with a robe wrapped around him? Smh. In 2016, this is our justice system.

One victim came forward and told a disturbing account of what happened 30 years ago.

Via Washington Post

He told the commission that he was in trouble with the law as a younger man and sentenced to community service overseen by Boeckmann, who at the time was the deputy prosecuting attorney. As he picked up paper on the side of the road, Boeckmann would take photos, the man said. Years later, after Boeckmann represented him in a divorce case, the man told the commission he owed the then-lawyer money and had criminal cases pending against him.

He was called to Boeckmann’s office, told to pull down his pants and bend over, according to the documents. Then Boeckmann allegedly struck the man with a paddle and took photos.

“You’d better have a hard on next time,” Boeckmann allegedly said, according to the complaints.

In a letter to Boeckmann’s attorney, the commission said photos of the paddle were among the thousands uncovered from the judge’s computer.

30 years smh.

I hope justice will be served and I’m sure it will be. You see this judge wasn’t transgendered and preyed on young men. He didn’t need a bathroom and but he was responsible for upholding the law.