Everything Ok? Xscape’s Interview on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Has Us All Scratching Are Wigs

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Member’s of Xscape Kandi, Tamika, LaTocha & Tiny headed to ‘Watch What Happens Live‘ for a cringe-worthy interview that seemed to open up more wounds on live television. It was difficult to watch.

If you haven’t caught up on Xscape ‘Just Kickin It’ show you should. Andy Cohen the host of the show was giving us Wendy & Oprah at the same time and asks questions that we’re all wondering but they were laced with shade.

“When are you guys going to make new music? Any plans?” Chile Kandi started talking like she was speaking in front of a fan as she quickly answered the question before they could. “Tell the truth Kandi, tell the truth!” said Tamika.


It didn’t stop there. Andy asked Tiny about her divorce to T.I. and Kandi basically answered the question for her. Take a look.


Seeing this interview tells me several things.

Kandi isn’t interested.


Check out the RECAP


It’s going to be interested seeing how this continues going forward.



Will you be attending a Xscape concert and do you see it for the group without Kandi?